Lithuanian graduates start returning home after studying and working abroad

In the past few years “brains drain” topic has been one of the key issues in Lithuania when talking about young people leaving to study abroad, claim the organisers of the conference ‘Let’s bring talents back to Lithuania’ (Sugrąžinkime talentus Lietuvai).

However, after mostly negative approach to the issue, some start to see positive changes.

Young people, who have acquired working experience abroad, more often chose to return to Lithuania.

So what are the reasons of this choice? Aiming to answer this question, the organisers of the conference ‘Let’s bring talents back to Lithuania’ are talking to many of those who already made their decision.

The organises present stories of success of young Lithuanian professionals who have returned.

One of them is Ričardas Babič. After studying construction projects management and working in Denmark and Mozambique, Ričardas has decided to return to homeland where he was immediately involved in several large national projects, such as the closure of Ignalina nuclear power plant. Now he successfully works in the renewable energy sector.

“I left as I wanted to gain international experience, to achieve something on my own. I made it and, after few years living abroad, felt that I really miss my native language, culture, family, and friends. It might sound as a cliché, but this is what mainly made me to come back. As well as good job opportunities which I saw in the field of my profession. And I never regret this decision,” Ričardas was sharing.

“Opportunity to implement important projects in the energy sector in Lithuania really motivates, and when you do what you love you climb the career steps very fast,” he stressed.

In Ričardas’ opinion, young graduates with work experience abroad have lots of opportunities to get high positions in companies in Lithuania. He is also happy that there is an increasing number of private and governmental initiatives which are working towards a common goal – to attract young talents back to Lithuania creating good conditions to stay and work in the homeland.